Some people believe that bigger is always better and it is the same fr their dogs. While there are a lot of dogs belonging to the large breed dogs, they have their own needs in terms of care and training. A lot of the large dog breeds were bred for a function or objective. Some large dog breeds are meant to be guard dogs, others, hunters. Big dog breeds have much endurance usually bring produce or livestock to the market or protect the animals of a farmer. Recognizing the huge dog breeds’ original objective can be really significant in seeing the number of exercises needed for even the largest dog breed. Large dog breeds that were made to work throughout the day will always need regular activity to work off their energy. Found below are the descriptions of the largest dog breeds.

The Great Dane has dignity, strength, a regal appearance, and elegance combined with a huge size. It has a well formed, powerful, and body that is smoothly muscled. It is one of the giant dog breeds that works, but is distinct in that its average conformation should be very well balanced that it never shows that it is clumsy and will move with a powerful drive and long reach.

great dane

The Mastiff is one of the biggest dog breed—it is a massive, big, and symmetrical dog with a frame that is well knit. The impression the dog gives is of dignity and grandeur. This is one of the largest breed of dog and is massive through and through.


The Neapolitan Mastiff is part of the biggest dog breeds and is massive, heavy boned, and awe inspiring and is used as a defender and guard of property and owner. He is described by loose skin throughout his entire body, with many hanging folds and wrinkles on its head and much dewlap.

The Newfoundland is a dog with a sweet disposition that is not ill tempered or dull. The dog is a devoted companion with a large and heavy coat, a dog that is well balanced, muscular, heavily boned, and sturdy.


One of the oldest breeds in France, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a usual brachycephalic molossoid kind.

dogue de bordeaux

The Molossus Dog is an ancient Italian breed that is medium to large size. It has a strong skeleton and is sturdy. The dog is athletic and muscular and works with substantial elegance and ease.


The Great Pyrenees dog shows the unique impression of unsurpassed beauty and elegance mixed with big overall majesty and size. It has a white or generally white coat that may have markings of gray, badger, or differing tan shades.

great pyrenees

The Bernese Mountain Dog is striking. It is a tri colored and large dog. He is balanced and sturdy and is smart, sturdy, and agile sufficiently enough to do the droving and draft work of where he was used in his origins in the mountainous regions.

bernese mountain

The Tibetan Mastiff is noble and impressive. It is large, but is not part of the giant breed. The dog is a substantial and an athletic dog with a kindly and solemn appearance. The Tibetan Mastiff is strong up to its pasterns. It has tight and strong cat feet, showing off an alert appearance.

tibetan mastiff

The Black Russian Terrier is a strong, big, agile, balanced, and powerful dog. The Black Russian Terrier has well developed muscles and large bone.

black russian terrier

The Leonberger is a non aggressive, calm, big, and muscular working dog that has a proud head carriage. The dog is unique with his black mask, balanced build, and double coat. Adult males of this breed, particularly, are strong and powerful and can have a mane that is lion like on the chest and neck.


The Irish Wolfhound has a commanding appearance and great size, which is remarkable combining swiftness and power with sharp sight. The tallest and biggest of the hounds that gallop, it has an average type coat that is rough and is a breed that is Greyhound like. He is very muscular and strong but is built gracefully. Its movements are active and easy, ahs a neck and head that is carried high and its tail takes a sweep going upward and a curve slightly leaning to extremity.

irish wolfhound